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Computer Engineering

Iowa State University

Welcome to my portfolio!

I am an undergraduate student at Iowa State University studying Computer Engineering and Communication Studies. I'm interested in computer architecture and embedded systems. Here you will find a compilation of my works and experiences in computer hardware and software engineering, professional development, and some more light-hearted adventures.

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Featured Projects

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Senior Design

An overview of my senior design project: Cable Packing Tool.

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Cyclone Rocketry

Avionics Module Mk. 3 - Cyclone Rocketry 19-20

A custom-designed modular control system for collecting and analysing telemetry data, relay communications between rocket and groundstation, and actuate active aerodynamic system

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Cyclone Rocketry

Intermittent FPGA (iFPGA) Accelerator

I designed a hardware accelerator that can be used in intermittent, energy-constraint systems.

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Honors Program - Leader Management System

A web-based application for the Honors Program to manage their student leaders and make automatic leader pair matches

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Reflection essays about ethics, gneral education, and my experience as a whole.


General Ed Reflection

Cumulative Reflection

Featured Experience

REU: Local Temporal Compression for (Globally) Evolving Spatial Surfaces

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University

Jan. 2019 - Oct. 2019

I worked with Dr. G. Trajcevski in 2019 on a research project focused on Computational Geometry and high-dimentional data manipulation. Our final work was published in the international conference Big Data Analytics. We were also accepted to present at the 2020 National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (Cancelled due to COVID19)

For this project, we explored a few methods of temporal compression in a high-dimensional dataset and their associated TINs. For each one of the methods, we tested the effectiveness by running the results through different distance calculation algorithms. Those distance calculation calculate the difference, over time, of the surfaces before and after the compression. In the end, we were able to compare the effectiveness for each algorithm and give recommendations based on the application that requires compression.

My role in this project as a student researcher was researching previous work on this topic to gain a foundational understanding of the research question and the topic. I also worked with other researchers to implement various algorithms that we studied, and tested their performance.

Through this project, I learned the basics of spacial-temporal surfaces and various compression & distance calculation algorightms. I also learned how to use some advanced Python tools to run those compression and distance tests.

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Avionics Team Lead

Cyclone Rocketry, Iowa State University

Fall 2018 - present

The Avionics team is tasked with providing telemetry data, rocket-to-ground communication, and actuate active flight control systems. Applying knowledge from classes and previous experiences, I designed and manufactured both the software and hardware layers of the avoinics system. I am the team lead for Fall 20 - Spring 21 semesters, overseeing all sub-team projects and coordination with other subteams.

Languages and Tools Used:

  • C++, JAVA
  • Arduino IDE
  • PlatformIO
  • AtmelStudio w/JLink
  • KiCad
  • Github
  • PCB manufacturing


Iowa State University - Ames, IA

Computer Engineering & Communication Studies 2018-2022

  • Dean's List Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020
  • University Honors Program Member & Peer Advisor
  • Gavin Jerome's Comedy College Graduate