Leader Management System



This project is a web-based application developed for the honors program to manage their student leaders for the HON-121 seminar. It has a database that stores the students' information, display it in a easy-to understand manner, and perform automatic matching for those students to create leader pairs. It was a year-long project, and in the end I had a usable result for the department.

My Role

This was a solo project, so I was the designer, developer, and manager for it. I talked to clients to understand their requirements, developed the applications based on the requirements and the design, and managed the project's timeline and deliverables throughout the course of the project.

Skills Learned

For this project, I used Angular as the front-end and Spring with JAVA as the back-end. What I learned a lot about was software dev ops set up. In previous projects I always had everything set-up. In this project, I had to create my own development environment, CI/CD pipelines, and everything in-between.

I also learned a lot about project management, since I was in charge of the timeline, it was quite difficult initially to plan out the entire project and create a timeline for it. After talking to muy clients, we had a good schedule and in the end the timeline was followed through.


In the Summer before the offical start, I met with honors program leadership to understand their needs and requirements for the project. I then created prototypes and verified that the mock-ups are in line with their expectations. Then the next two semesters were focused on the bulk of the construction of the app. At the end of the second semester, I performed user acceptance testing and worked on developing the app so it could be accessed by the users.